Below you will find information regarding what the release included for October, 2019. Release:

 Extend Commerce Backend

Search faster with the new customer search

ImprovementCustomerRequires support to active: NO

We have redone the customer search and optimized the page to handle big sets of data. With the newly and improved search you can now do a quick search with these search parameters:

  • Customer number
  • Customer name
  • E-mail
  • Phone number
  • Org. number
  • Alpha search

We have also restructured the advanced search to increase visibility and usability. Here we have categorized the search parameters based on: delivery information, invoice information and other.


Upload price lists and the system will create the sales unit for you

ImprovementMasterdataRequires support to active: NO

You can now upload your price list seamlessly without having to create the sales units for the product beforehand. If the sales unit does not previously exist for the product, the system will create the sales unit for the product and then connect it with that sales unit to the price list. 



The search order row page gets further improvements

ImprovementOrder managementRequires support to active: NO

We have added further functionality to increase the usability of this page. We have:

  • Added new search parameter: Priority
  • Added new columns: Physical balance and Priority
  • Added an action bar to easier take action on selected order rows: you can now unmark / mark all and use either the button on the action bar or at the end of the page
  • By clicking the order number in the table, you will now see all order rows included on that order
  • Rearranged search parameters and columns to increase visibility


Better usability for the return order page

ImprovementOrder ManagementRequires support to active: NO

To increase user friendliness and usability we now generate different messages for when we create a credit invoice manually from this page.


Integrations / API

Pull purchase order statuses

New FeatureOrder PickingRequires support to active: NO

We have added a new API end point for purchase orders to warehouse. This makes it possible to ask vi API for the purchase order status to see, for example, if it has been delivered or not.

Web hook for purchase orders

New FeatureOrder PickingRequires support to active: NO

We have upgraded our webhook capability to be able to send webhook calls for purchase orders to warehouse. The new capability enables you to get information sent to you regarding if a purchase order has been partially delivered, cancelled or full delivery.