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Below you will find information regarding what the release included for March, 2019. Release:

XTND Backend

New Order Functionality 

New featureOrderRequires support to active: YES

Support for defining door code and a fixed shipping mark on the customer and order entry in Backend has been added.

Improvement in Department and Salesman dimension values

ImprovementSalesRequires support to active: YES

Department and Salesman dimension values are now saved to accountings registry when warehouse event for return order receiving is processed.

Now it is possible to perform movements in advance.

ImprovementWarehouse transferRequires support to active: NO

It is now possible to book products without balance on a warehouse transfer order enabling to perform movements in advance.

Improvement in Product graph for Consumption

ImprovementProductRequires support to active: NO

Product graph for consumption has been adjusted to separate consumption caused by customer orders and other events

Improvements in Customer data

ImprovementFinanceRequires support to active: NO

The Customer data: Org. no., VAT no., and GLN is now saved to the invoice when an invoice is created.

Adjustments for Reason code for returns

ImprovementReturn orderRequires support to active: NO

Improved UX making it easier to set reason code for returns.

Improvement has been made for Balance list report

PerformanceReportsRequires support to active: NO

Performance has been improved for the Balance List report

Improvements in uploads

BugfixUploadRequires support to active: NO

When adding or changing products and customers with the upload feature in XTND Backend, an issue with statistical categories has been corrected.

An issue in the API has been corrected

BugfixFinancialRequires support to active: NO

An issue in the API for creating manual invoices has been corrected. Wrong conversion factor between sales unit and product unit was saved to invoice, causing statistical issues in the Product sales data view.

Salesman custom search has been corrected

BugfixCustomerRequires support to active: NO

An issue with salesman customer search has been corrected.

An Aggregation correction is corrected

BugfixOrderRequires support to active: NO

Aggregation correction when canceling an order row we did not recalculate the balance in product balance aggregation this is now corrected.

Some changes are made in The customer property "Invoice payment type"

ImprovementFinanceRequires support to active: NO

The customer property "Invoice payment type" is now described as "Default payment type" in the XTND Backend user interface. The interface now allows the default payment type to be not set at all, i.e. left empty.


No new features or improvements.

Integrations / API

Improved Connection to Workwave

New featureIntergrationRequires support to active: YES

We have improved the connection to WorkWave by adding Delivery ETA and customer email. This to enable communication to the customer regarding ETA.

Improvement in the Intergration with Fortnox

ImprovementFinancialRequires support to active: NO, but admin in Fortnox

Integration with Fortnox now also include transfer payment terms to Fortnox. This requires, however, that payment terms are administered on the Fortnox side since no synchronization otherwise will be possible.

Improved data cleaning

ImprovementIntegrationRequires support to active: NO

Improved data cleaning in the integration to Fortnox, now deleting blank space in article No.

An error in the Ongoing is now solved

BugfixOngoingRequires support to active: NO

Solved, error in the Ongoing integration regarding inventory balance in some specific cases.