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Below you will find information regarding what the release included for May, 2019. Release:

XTND Backend

New Purchasing Functionality

New featurePurchasingRequires support to active: NO

We have now implemented support to handle valued prices for purchases based on number for call-off bookings.

Improvement in Order Purchase Indication

New featurePurchasingRequires support to active: NO

We have improved the function for calculating the suggested quantity to purchase for the replenishment model called “Order purchase Indication”. This model is used to be able to sell products from warehouse, but you don't keep inventory on them. You purchase them from your supplier when you have a customer order including the product. We have adjusted the functions to it's possible to calculate the right amount to purchase when you have products with extremely short life cycle (expire date is very short), i.e. fresh flowers, products from bakery etc.

If you have customer placing orders for a special bread to be delivered in 2 weeks, you don't want the indication system alert on this until it's time to purchase. Feature to handle this has now been added to the replenishment function.  

Adjustment of the Order Preview Interface

ImprovementOrderRequires support to active: NO

Adjustments of the order preview interface has been made. We have introduced a new loss on a row level that separates note fields and these are now displayed on a separate view.

Improvement in Client Settings

ImprovementFinancialRequires support to active: NO

Client settings have been added that allows return order credit invoices not automatically set to review. XTND Backend can now also collect invoice more payment methods than invoice. It provides the opportunity to create invoice data for example advances.

Adjustments of Words and Translation in the Interface

BugfixTranslationRequires support to active: NO

We have done a general review of words and translation in the system.

Adjustments for Product Layer Views

BugfixProductRequires support to active: NO

Some adjustments have been made in the interface for product stock views and an improvement among pages in list views.


Support for Communicating Image URL to XTND WMS

New featureImage displayRequires support to active: NO

There is now support for communicating the Image URL to the XTND WMS. It provides the opportunity for image display of externally stored images via link. 

New Tracking Feature

ImprovementTransportRequires support to active: NO

XTND WMS is updated with a feature that makes it possible to keep track on in which package each row is packed in. This is then used in the transport booking, so that we can print GS1 pallet labels, packing notes for each transport colli, and also detailed packing notes for each box within the transport colli.

Integrations / API

API For Order Registration

ImprovementOrder APIRequires support to active: NO

Adjustments of the API for order registration has been made. It is now possible to link an order to project and cause code.

Support For Downloading Products

ImprovementProduct APIRequires support to active: NO

Support for downloading variant products to a parent product via the Product API has been implemented.