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Below you will find information regarding what the release included for September, 2019. Release:

XTND Backend

New Return Order Booking

New featureOrder ManagementRequires support to active: NO

We have now redone the return order booking page and incorporated many new, handy features for you.

Return order invoice settings


You can now set a general client invoice setting specifically for return orders that defines how they should be handled in general in the system. For each payment option you have, you can define when the return order credit invoice should be created, if at all. You have four possible options:

  • Immediate (invoice is created immediately upon creation)
  • When received (invoice is created once the warehouse has received the order)
  • Manual decision (manual decision on whether or not to create an invoice by the press of a button when the user wish to create the invoice)
  • Never (credit invoices will not be created incl. no financial accounting)

Return order warehouse settings


There is also a new feature where you can set return orders to automatically received. This means that the return order will then upon being created be set to received automatically without needing to physically received it at the warehouse. Once automatically received, the credit invoice will be generated according to the order's specification, or the client setting if not specified. 

Create Return order


When creating a return order you can now set if and when the credit invoice should be created and what payment type is used for the order.

The options are the same as set for general settings, but this is specific for this order. Default will be what is set in the financial settings for return order invoices (see above).

Search Return orders


From the search return order view you can now manually create credit invoices for return orders. You can also generate a report for marked return orders in the list.

Here you can also filter return orders based on payment type, credit invoice setting and see for which return orders a credit invoice has been created or not. In this view you will also see which user created the return order.

"Awaiting payment" status has been replaced with "Invoice sent"

ImprovementFinanceRequires support to active: NO


The invoice status "Awaiting payment" has been removed and now handled as "Invoice sent". From a user perspective, there is no real difference between an invoice being sent and an invoice waiting for payment since the customer is waiting for payment as soon as the invoice has been sent. We have thus incorporated the functionality for "Awaiting payment" in "Invoice sent". This means improved functionality and usability for you as a user when finding unpaid invoices through filters as well as performing other invoice handling tasks.

Sales Data view Improvements

ImprovementFinanceRequires support to active: NO

We have updated and made improvements in the sales data view to better display your statistics.

Order recalculation changes

ImprovementOrder ManagementRequires support to active: NO

We have made changes to our order recalculation which results in that you may get your daily report more often depending on how often the order recalculation will occur for your system.


Remember my Filter Settings

New FeatureOrder PickingRequires support to active: NO


When using the menu Order Picking, the system now remembers your previously used filter. This means that you no longer have to redo your filtering every time you return to the order picking menu. This makes it easier for you to pick multiple orders in a row, for example when you pick multiple order which should be sent with the same transport mode or to the same customer.

If you no longer want to use the filer, you simple press "Clear filter".