Instructions in this document describes how to create a new REST User on Magento Store as well as how to create a new connection to link your online store.

This document highlights the steps and importance of specific fields that are necessary for creating a new user on Magento Store and for creating a new connection with your online store.

Online Magento Store Setting for API User

When your online store is installed, your login credentials have complete administrative access. Best approach is to create another account with complete administrative permissions. You can create more user accounts for your team with restricted roles.

1. Create New User

We need to follow following steps to create New User.

  1. On the Admin menu, select System > Permissions > All Users.
  2. Click on the Add New User button.

A form opens where you need to enter Account Information.


a. Enter the User Name for the account.

  • Username should be easy to remember. Example: if username is 'xyz', you login as 'xyz'.
  • Username is used as Access token on Backend's side when we create a connection.

b. Enter First Name, Last Name.

c. Enter Email Address.

  • Email Account must be different from the one associated with your original Admin Account.

d. Enter Password

  • Password is used a Secret on Backend's side when we create a connection.

e. Select This Account is to 'Active'.

f. Enter Password of Current User in the password field.

2. Assign the Role

The following steps explains how to assign the role.

  1. In the User information panel on the left, click User Role. List of roles will appear.
  2. Select Administrators (Initially, this will be the only role available).
  3. When complete, click on the 'Save User' button.

You now have two accounts with administrator access.

External System Connectors - Extend Commerce Backend

Extend Commerce Backend helps you to manage sales orders, products, shipments and accounts of your online stores, like Magento, Shopify, Fortnox etc. For this, you need to connect/link your online store with Extend Commerce Backend. 

1. Create New Connection

The following steps explains how to create a new connection.

  1. Click on External System Connectors from Settings.
  2. Click on the Create New Connection button.
    A form opens where you need to enter basic data. Here the information of your online store is used for the connection creation. Important fields to be handled are:
    1. External System: Select name of sales channel, e.g. Magento, Fortnox, Shopify.
    2. Access token: Username of the online store user.
    3. API URL: URL of your online store, e.g.
    4. Secret: Password of the online store user.
  3. Click on 'Verify Connection'. It will verify your information given (External System, Access token, Secret, API URL..) to create a connection.

2. Edit Synchronization Schedule

After creating a connection, you can edit a synchronization schedule of all entities like order, product, invoicing, accounting etc. By default, schedule for synchronization is inactive.


By default, products' synchronization schedule is once a day. You can edit the schedule to your preference:



By default, orders are fetched every hour. You can edit the schedule to your preference:


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