The document describes the steps of the Shopify API configuration and how to create new connection to link your store.

This document highlights the steps and importance of specific fields that are necessary to generate API Credentials and for creating a new connection with your Store.

Shopify Store Setting for API User

When your online Shopify store is created, you need to view the private app setting for connection and generate API credentials. With those API credentials you can use your Private app to access your store through the Shopify API. Steps to create API credentials are given in generate API Credentials and in last step Credentials are highlighted which are used for Connection with XTND Backend.

Create New Store

  1. Navigate to Shopify's website. Click on 'Get Started' to create your store.
  2. Enter the required information about yourself:
  3. Enter the required information in the 'Add an address so you can get paid' form.
  4. Click on 'Enter my Store'.

Generate API Credentials

Once you have entered your store, go to

  1. Apps > View Private Apps  
  2. Click on Generate API credentials.
  3. Enter Private App Name of your choice.
  4. Select Permissions which are necessary for your app to work:
  5. Now a description of each permission can be found in the API reference. With these credentials you can use your Private app to access your store through Shopify API. Copy the API Key, password and host name ( for the connection with XTND Backend.
    Points to remember:

    API Key: This is used as Access Token when we create a connection on the Backend side.
    Password: This is used as a Secret when we create connection on the Backend side.
    Host name: This is used as API URL on the Backend side when we create a connection (


External System Connectors - XTND Backend

XTND Backend helps you to manage orders, products, shipments and accounts of your online stores, e.g. Magento, Shopify, Fortnox etc. For this, you need to connect/link your online store with XTND Backend.

Create New Connection

The following steps explains how to create a new connection.

  1. Click on External System Connectors from the Settings menu.
  2. Click on the Create New Connection button.
    A form opens where you need to enter basic data. Here information of your online store is used for connection creation. Important fields to be handled are:
    1. External System: Select name of sales channel, e.g. Magento, Fortnox, Shopify etc.
    2. Access token: API Key (Shopify) is used as access token here.
    3. API IRL: Hostname (URL) of your online store (
    4. Secret: Encrypted password (Shopify) is used as secret here.

  3. Click on 'Verify Connection'. It will verify your information (External System, Access token, Secret, API URL...) to create a connection.

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